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HDShredder Free Edition 5.0.3

HDShredder Free Edition 5.0.3       

Size:   87.3MB
License:   FREEWARE
Publisher:  Publisher | Listed Programs
Release Date:   2018-03-12
Submit Date: 
OS:  Windows, Linux, MS-DOS
Downloads:   7339
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Software Product DescriptionHDShredder Free Edition is a security tool designed to securely erase entire hard drives, other disks, or individual partitions. By working independently of the operating system, partitioning scheme, or file system, HDShredder can delete entire operating systems at once. It also works with unknown/proprietary systems and can perform secure deletions on the media which otherwise be inaccessible.

Once a hard drive, storage media, or partition has been erased, the process is irreversible. This data can no longer be recovered, even with data recovery software.
HDShredder supports multiple deletion standards which offers strong security and flexibility as the user can define self-created deletion patterns. After the data is deleted, a report is generated detailing the parameter as well as the deletion results.
The free edition of HDShredder is an ideal tool for temporary and infrequent use. Other versions are available for more frequent or professional use and provide higher speeds, additional options, and more support for a broader range of hardware.

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