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Movavi Photo Editor v5.5.1 Portable

Movavi Photo Editor is the most amazing and user-friendly photo editing program you will ever need. Enjoy one-click image quality enhancing with Magic Enhance or try the advanced color correction tools for total precision. Give your portraits a makeover with advanced retouching tools. Crop, flip, rotate, and straighten images for more aesthetically pleasing composition. Compress photos that take up too much space on your PC. Movavi Photo Editor delivers much more than everyday photo editing apps – try the awesome object and background removal features!

Give your photos a glam finish with Movavi Photo Editor. Check out how
easy it is even for beginners!
Freely Transform Pictures
Adjust frames for better composition

Replace Backgrounds in an Instant
Magically transport your subjects to a new setting

Give Yourself a Makeover
Didn’t have time to apply makeup? Do it digitally!

Remove Blemishes
    Get rid of blotches, pimples, and freckles
    Erase wrinkles and scars
    Smooth out your skin
    Fix red eye

Apply Makeup
    Lighten up your skin using makeup base
    Highlight your cheekbones with blushes
    Make your eyes really shine: add mascara
    and shadows
    Pick a kissable lip tint to add a finishing touch

Beautify Yourself
    Try out a new hair color
    Make your eyes bigger and brighter
    Change eye colors without contacts
    Whiten teeth for a perfect smile
    Slim down your face

Remove Unwanted Objects
Simply erase anything that spoils the view!

Add Custom Captions for Fun
Personalize your pictures with cute captions and watermarks!

Made With Turbo Studio

32Bit (Size: 65.8 MB)
Download from MirrorCreator.com

64Bit (Size: 78.8 MB)
Download from MirrorCreator.com

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